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Deposition summaries are the most valuable tools an attorney has in litigation.  But who has the time to do the deposition summaries?  At DepoSums.com you save time and money on each deposition summary, while achieving peace of mind.  For deposition summaries of the highest quality email Kevin Cummings at KC@DepoSums.com or call our toll free number below.  Every deposition summary is accurate, concise and easy to understand.

DepoSums.com is the #1 rated "clicks" address for a cost effective and intelligent way to outsource your deposition summaries.  Our trusted "bricks" business is West Coast Paralegal Services; located in Santa Cruz, Californiawhere we have been summarizing deposition transcripts since 1994.  Call or email today to solve your deposition summaries needs.  No case is too complex.

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