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INSTRUCTIONS: Click the link under the deposition summary or trial transcript summary you wish to view.  Additional deposition summary samples are available by case type. A sample Table of Contents (optional feature) is also shown below at sample No. 10.

The first seven deposition summaries are in our standard two column style with accurate page/line entries and bold topic lines above the summarized deposition testimony. We always include appearances and exhibits.

A pulmonary expert testifies in an

ASBESTOS LITIGATION CASE  Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._1.pdf

A Highway Patrol Officer testifies in a

CATASTROPHIC TRAIN COLLISION CASE Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._2.pdf

A Chief Financial Officer testifies in a

SECURITIES CLASS ACTION CASE Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._3.pdf

A geotechnical engineer testifies in a 

CONSTRUCTION DEFECT CASE Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._4.pdf

A Chartered Financial Analyst testifies in a

TRUST/ESTATE CASE Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._5.pdf

A manager for a construction company testifies in a

SPINAL CORD INJURY CASE Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._6.pdf

A V.P. testifies in a



This deposition summary is in three column style, with a separate column for Page/Line, Topic/Exhibit and Testimony.

A architectural designer testifies in a

BREACH OF CONTRACT CASE Deposition_Summary_Sample_No._8.pdf

This trial transcript summary is in three column style, with a separate column for Page/Line, Topic, and Trial Testimony.

 A Los Angeles hospital surgeon testifies in a

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE TRIAL Trial_Transcript_Summary_No._9.pdf 


Table of Contents for a DepoSums.com deposition summary.

(Optional feature) Table_of_Contents_Sample_No._10.pdf