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"Kevin is the best I have ever seen at separating the wheat from the chaff in his deposition summaries"



Dear Sir/Madam:

Deposition summaries are important to the success of my business.  During the past eight years I have contracted with Kevin Cummings and DepoSums.com for hundreds of deposition summaries.  As the managing partner of a busy law firm these deposition summaries save me valuable time as I prepare for settlement conferences and trials.

Kevin is the best I have ever seen at separating the wheat from the chaff in his deposition summaries.  I highly recommend his deposition summary service to those who desire to save time, increase profits and lower operating expenses.



Ralph W. Boroff, Esq.
Santa Cruz, CA







Dear Mr. Cummings:

You always surprise me with your amazing follow through!  I did not expect these summaries to be completed until next week.  We are a select firm and very loyal to companies whose services we value.  The lead attorney on this case has been very impressed with your work product.  I have told all the other attorneys in the firm about the quality and timliness of your deposition summaries. We will definitely be utilizing DepoSums.com in the future.  Thank you again for all your hard work.

Gwendolyn Harre
Evans, Latham & Campisi
San Francisco, California








Dear Fellow Paralegals:
I would like to spread the word about a great service I found that prepares summaries of deposition trancripts.  They did a fabulous, accurate and timely job for me that included summarizing 15 transcripts which were all completed within one week.  They are West Coast Paralegal Services found at www.DepoSums.com .  My contact is Kevin Cummings.  Please think of them whenever the need for clear and concise deposition summaries arises.
Iris Chavez
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
The Orrick Building
San Francisco, California






To whom it may concern:

It is a pleasure for us to heartily recommend DepoSums.com to any prospective client.  Our cases are extremely busy, and we frequently require large amounts of deposition summaries under pressure of time.  DepoSums.com has done uniformly excellent work. Each and every time they exceeded our expectations.

Noelle Duncan
Legal Assistant
Lombardi, Loper & Conant
Lake Merritt Plaza
Oakland, California








Thank you once again for your assistance in providing me with superb deposition summaries as I prepare for yet another trial.  Your summaries are always quite valuable, as well as time saving, to me and my expert witnesses during my preparation process.

Please be sure and stop by and say hello the next time you find yourself in Southern California.  Working with you is always an enjoyable experience.

Nikki Tolt, Esq.
ACT Mediation
Beverly Hills, California








Thank you for the timely deposition summaries.  Your service has been instrumental in assisting me when deadlines have been tight.  Your deposition summaries are complete and professional.  Whenever I am asked about deposition summaries I always recommend you.  Keep up the good work!

David A. Cohn, Esq.
Mancini &  Associates 
Sherman Oaks, California







Dear Kevin:

Thank you for your diligience in providing over 25 deposition summaries to us on such short notice.  It is appreciated.  We will be contacting DepoSums.com again soon regarding other cases that are pending.  I have also circulated your company information to all members of our firm to make them aware of the excellent service you provide.

Jonathan Polak, Esq.
Indianapolis, Indiana







Dear Sir/Madam:

As the only paralegal in a busy litigation practice, I am often called upon to find outside assistance to meet important deadlines.  Finding DepoSums.com has been a lifesaver for our firm.  Mr. Cummings has met and exceeded our expectations for deposition summarizing. He is the first person I contact when I need professional deposition summaries completed on time and at the right price.  I recommend his service without hesitation.

Janice Ashley
McMillan & Shureen LLP
Santa Rosa, California







 Dear Kevin,

Congratulations on the success of your deposition summaries business.  It comes as no surprise to me at all.  You are an excellent writer possessing keen, discriminating judgment.  We all miss you down at the yacht harbor office.

Best wishes,


Robert H. Ludlow, Jr., Esq. 
Lahaina, Hawaii                                                                                 


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