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Frequenly Asked Questions of DepoSums.com Transcript Summary Service

Do your deposition summaries have quality control? Yes. Every deposition summary is triple proofed to ensure a quality product, with the final proof and edit performed by the President of DepoSums.com, Kevin Cummings.

Why do you provide a 15% discount in your rates for transcripts sent via the internet? It makes good business sense. Clients and DepoSums.com alike save time and money when the internet is utilized. Those savings are passed on to you.

I have a large complex case in need of deposition summaries quickly, can you help? Yes. No case is too large or complex. Our capacity will meet your needs regardless of the number of transcripts involved. Assignments in excess of 10,000 transcript pages are common and handled in a timely, professional manner and at a cost much lower than competing services.

I only have hard copy transcripts; where do I send them? Send your transcripts to West Coast Paralegal Services, 833 Front Street, Suite 201, Santa Cruz, California 95060.

What is the turnaround time for receiving my deposition summaries? Your deposition summaries are normally returned to you within 5-7 working days. Rush service - 75 hours or less - is also available.

How will I receive the deposition summaries? Your deposition summaries will be returned as an email attachment or via our secure online repository, whichever you prefer.

Who will be writing my deposition summaries? All summarizers are American legal professionals who have passed a written test and undergone extensive training. The team is led by Kevin Cummings and has been selectively assembled over an eight year period. Only gifted legal writers with analytical minds are retained. The result is a superior deposition summary product, with confidentiality assured.

How are transcripts and summaries kept confidential? Confidentiality is king at DepoSums.com. All summarizers follow strict requirements after consenting to our Confidentiality Agreement. For added confidence our encrypted repository ensures the safest form of internet storage and delivery of your transcripts and summaries.

I want to use your deposition summary service, how may I contact you? Email Kevin Cummings at KC@DepoSums.com or call our toll free number today: 1 877 896 0125 to solve your deposition summaries needs.

Do you provide transcript summaries to firms outside of California? Yes. We provide transcript summaries to all domestic and international law firms as well as government agencies. Our clients are located from Los Angeles to New York City, and from Chicago to Houston. They include 8 of the top 100 law firms in our nation, as listed in the renown Vault Prestige 2007 Rankings.

Can you emulate our firm deposition summary format? Yes. We will confer with you to determine the essential elements you are looking for in your deposition summaries and/or copy the style from a firm sample.

May I see samples of your deposition summaries? Yes. Sample deposition summaries and one trial transcript summary may be found at our Summary Samples page.  All summaries include precise page and line entries as well as descriptive topic lines underscored in bold print directly above the distilled testimony.

Can your service read E-transcripts and LiveNote transcripts? Yes, in addition to any other electronic file preference you may have. Your deposition summaries may also be returned in PDF or TIFF format (as well as Word or Word Perfect) for use with Summation software.

Do you provide other paralegal services? No. Unlike many of our competitors we specialize in quality deposition summaries and trial transcript summaries.

Which method of payment may I use? Law firm checks or American Express are gladly accepted.

Where are you located? West Coast Paralegal Services is located on the Central Coast in Santa Cruz, California; 70 miles south of San Francisco; 280 miles north of Los Angeles and 20 miles west of Silicon Valley.

Do you have an electronic business card I can download?

Yes. Feel free to download our VCard for your Contacts file:  Download_DepoSums.com_VCard.vcf